Christmas Break 2014

Read until the end of the post and I have a surprise for all Starbucks planner lovers. 🙂

Because of the academic calendar shift that happened this school year, my Christmas break has started earlier (my class ended last December 5) and I’ve taken the opportunity to unwind from the stress that I have received from the very dreadful and hell sem (boo acad calendar shift).

This is the place that I went to this Christmas break. We spent three days and three nights – (11:00 pm December 12 to 1:00 am December 15) in Baguio. Thanks to my friends (Pat and Moore) who accompanied me and allowed me to have lots of food trip in Baguio (hello, japadog and Chona’s delight).

I challenged myself that I will only use Php 250.00 for my expenses in Baguio but I failed because I had a lot of food trips there. 😀

baguiodp-1(At Camp John Hay, taken by Don Senoc)

I spontaneously attended Maskipaps 2014 because Reyzel and Moore persuaded me to come with them. I first refused to go with them because I am not a fan of any of the bands from the list but they said that Up Dharma Down is coming and I will definitely fall in love with them once I see them live. Man, they’re definitely right. I fell in love with Up Dharma Down. They’re totally awesome and talented!!

IMG_0485 IMG_0469


Scribbling Positivity

It’s the time of the year where companies are releasing planners for the following year. And I know that it’s going to be difficult for everyone to pick which planner to get because of the wide selection of planners to choose from.

Luckily, I’ve got the opportunity to have a copy of one of the most-awaited planners – FILED’s 2015 Scribble Planner. As soon as I’ve received the package that contains the planner, I opened it and was wowed by the planner. Continue reading

A Visit At CBTL Robinsons Manila + 2015 Giving Journal

*Read til the end of the post. 😉

Last October 25, I had a free time (wow) to so I decided to go to Robinsons Manila and have some me time. I decided to eat some ramen to satisfy my cravings and to have some coffee at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf.

Honestly, I was not supposed to do some blogging during my stay at CBTL but because of the excellent service that I have experienced, I decided to take out my camera and take some photos which will be used in a blog post (which is this). What I really liked the most about the staff of CBTL Robinsons Manila is that they greet customers consistently and sincerely. You can really feel that those greetings come from their hearts. Continue reading


So we were asked by our Film 12 professor to take photos that would reflect an ideal city and a real city in the Philippines. After hearing that assignment, I immediately thought of the scenery in the connecting bridge of LRT 2 and LRT 1.

I will not explain the photos because I want to know how you would perceive the photo. 🙂

PS: The colors of the photos were intentional. 🙂 Continue reading

회사원 (A Company Man)

So last October 8, I went to SM Megamall to watch for free a Korean film that’s part of the 2014 Korean Film Festival. I went to the first day of screening because I’ve heard that 임상윤 (Im Sang Yoon), the director of the movie of 회사원 (A Company Man), is coming all the way from Korea!

So there. I know that the movie is an action film but I did not see the soooo morbid scenes coming. Really. I am a kind of person that creeps out whenever I see super morbid scenes. I just can’t. I kind of feel what’s being done to the person. I really just can’t. :)) Continue reading

Chosen Ground 10: Noise

Last September 6, I was given the opportunity to cover the event of the UP Street Dance Club’s tenth installment of Chosen Ground, Chosen Ground 10: Noise, as a photographer. It was my first time to cover an event so I was really nervous that I might not fulfill my duties. But, thank God that He gave me the wisdom to take awesome shots.

Take a look at my shots and comment below what you think about them.

Continue reading